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Acerca de mí: 1. Application
Recrystallized silicon carbide (RSIC) can be used in the furnace for the production of building ceramics, technical ceramic, porcelain etc. The most outstanding characteristics is the load-bearing ability under high temperature and well energy saving effect. Recrystallized silicon carbide ceramic can be made into various type of products including roller, beam, plate, and other structural parts. RSIC material has excellent properties of oxidization resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal stability.
2. Characteristics
(1) High temperature resistance
(2) High energy efficiency
(3) Maximum temperature tolerance 1650 degree centigrade
(4) Low thermal expansion at high temperature
3. Technical Data Sheet
Contents: SIC
Bulk Density 20鈩?/p>g/cm-32.65-2.75
Apparent porosity%15-18
Modulus of rupture (20鈩?Mpa80-100
Modulus of rupture (1200鈩?MPa90-110
Modulus of rupture (1350鈩?MPa90-120
Modulus of crushing (20鈩?MPa300
Thermal conductivity (1200鈩?W.m-1.k-136.6
Thermal expansion (1200鈩?a脳10-6/鈩?/p>4.69
Thermal shock resistance (1200鈩?
Max. Working temperature鈩?/p>1620 (oxide)
4. Benefits
(1) High Temperature Strength
(2) Saves Significant Operating Costs
(3) Excellent and Tight Dimensional Control
(4) Unique Designs to Limit Inventory of Multiple Items
(5) Longer Useful Operating Life Between Rebuilds
(6) High Abrasion ResistanceRecrystallized Silicon Carbide Ceramic suppliers

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